Gold Standard Coaching will provide quality  live education and consulting services to schools, teams, leagues and organizations tailored to the needs of their coaches, athletes, parents, and administrators in order to help you maximize the sports-based development and performance for  all who are involved - at an affordable cost.
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"You have helped me and the Newman Community become as we can and should be. We will forever be thankful."-Coach Fitz, AD-Newman High School

"Ray Lokar provides a framework for success that our coaches responded to and were able to incorporate into their intercollegiate programs."-John Plane, AD-Loyola University, Chicago
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Standards of Coaching 
​against which others are measured
Individual talks / seminars for 
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Ongoing, year-round Sport-Culture Consulting
  • self-studies
  • assessments
  • regular site visits
  • Mentoring
  • bi-monthly student-athlete leadership meetings
  • feedback individualized for each organization, school, program, team, or coach.

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Coach Lokar is available to all media to speak/comment on any topic in the world of sports
  Sports Today 
  Education Based Athletic Development Organizations face many challenges; from out of control coaches to overbearing parents, and goals that might be unclear to those involved. Most are simply a result of a shortage of the tools that are most effective - but may not be intuitive based on previous ways of thinking. They may be acting with the best intentions without understanding their actions could be counterproductive and diminish the potential performance of the athletes and degrade the culture of the program.
​   Gold Standard Coaching are experts in identifying a sports-based youth development program’s focused mission, assistance in developing an aligned coaching philosophy, and helping create successful team culturesGold Standard Coaching will introduce best practice methodology and provide some necessary tools that place the value of the participants in sports-based youth deveopment organizations as GOLDEN.
  We possess expert knowledge of athletic skills, coaching  techniques and appropriate strategies and the progression which they should be taught. Gold Standard Coaching can assist in rapid programmatic improvement through research-based techniques that help the collective growth of the individuals, the effective use of their talents, and develop successful player/coach relationships and Coach-Parent Partnerships that help you take the appropriate steps in developing unity within the program from top to bottom.
     The Gold Standard is the most famous monetary system that ever existed. Essentially, the standard unit of currency is kept at the value of a fixed quantity of gold. The term "Gold Standard" has come to mean the ideal model of excellence by which others are measured. Let Gold Standard Coaching help you become that model of excellence.