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"My goal has always been to continue to acquire skills and apply them to make a difference where a  difference is needed. In the coaching profession we have a responsibility to provide the the  most productive and positive experience possible for our players and share what we have  learned to help the next generation of coaches become better equipped to provide the same.
My mission is to help facilitate that learning and help transform the world of sports for all involved  - coaches, athletes, and parents. I've traveled North America consulting with hundreds of schools, teams, leagues, and organizations about what works best. Let me share the results with you.

My travels and experiences make me uniquely qualified to help you "cut down the nets" - figuratively, of course.. I can't wait.
"Coach Lok"
 About Ray
Ray Lokar is a veteran coach and  Positive Coaching Alliance's Southern California Lead Trainer having presented hundreds  of speaking engagements to thousands of coaches, athletes, and parents on a variety of topics in the world of  sports. Ray is the author of two basketball coaching books, a youth coaching DVD series, and has:...40+ years of successful coaching experience in a variety of sports at the youth, high school, and collegiate  level,  25+ years as business owner and entrepreneur, 20+ years as a teacher, 15+ years as a youth-sports organization Board Member, 15+ years as a web-editor and content developer, 13 years on the Executive Board of the Southern California Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association (SCIBCA), 8 years as an  Athletic Director, 2 years as a high school Director of Activities , 2 years as the President of the 1000+ coach Southern California Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association

Coach "Lok" is a proud father of three  former college athletes and a young guy just making his way through high school sports.

"Ray Lokar is a fantastic Double-Goal coach - he wins on the scoreboard while using sports to teach life lessons to his players. Ray Lokar knows a lot about coaching ... Every time I talk to Ray I learn something new about coaching"

Jim Thompson - Founder and Executive Director, 
Positive Coaching Alliance
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